While I grew up in the era of AOL, instant messenger and chatting with people from other schools over the Internet because they knew a mutual friend, but were cool because they didn't go to my school, it never amounted to much because my mother frightened me severely of pedophiles and kidnappers.  Today, if you are truly searching the Internet to find a potential match, numerous dating services are at your fingertips -- literally.  However, my question is, "what possesses people to narrow down their options to that ONE picture everyone is going to form their opinion around.  Have they never heard of a first impression?!?!?!

I'm not even talking about the classic picture of a person that is somewhat normal.  I'm talking about the pictures that either show something off in the background or make someone thing, "why does their arm look ridiculously long?"  Or how about the people that couldn't figure out how to use the computer well enough that their photo uploaded in the wrong layout whether it was suppose to be horizontal or vertical?  I understand not everyone is technologically savvy, but their is a place you can click, known as "edit!"

Here are five of the top 10 things NOT to do when it comes to online dating:

#1: Posting a picture that doesn't show your face.  Let's be honest -- why is there a place to post a picture of yourself if it doesn't portray what you look like? Whether it's the lighting, the distance or the angle, post a picture in a way that someone can see you.

Darren Hauck, Getty Images.

#2: Don't pose in front, sitting in or on top of your car.  Unless you are a Nascar driver and the car is part of your job and fame, no one cares.  It just looks like you're bragging and compensating for something.  ie: car, truck, house, etc.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images.

#3: Don't cover your face -- again, the purpose of a profile pic is to give someone a first impression of you.  After all, it's a dating website.  You're going to have to meet the person you fooled into meeting you, at some point!

Lior Mizrahi, Getty Images.

#4: Photos of you smoking -- DON'T!  Yuck!  Because that's what I want to imagine and dating someone that always smells like an ashtray.  If you smoke, fine.  But it easily turns people off if that's what you think is your coolest attribute.


Andrew Burton, Getty Images.

#5: Posing with all your friends.  Cause that narrows it down!  Most people only upload one, main picture of themselves so if it includes a group of people, am I just suppose to assume you're the good looking one?

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