Writing letters to Santa -- it's a holiday tradition that goes back as far as the annually televised Christmas classics document. We wrote them as children, painfully choosing the perfect words that would ensure a magical man scribed our names safely on the Nice List. Today's children write them. And while the requests have shifted away from Red Ryder BB guns and the return of our "two front teeth" to iPads and Wiis, the sentiment remains.

For your enjoyment, here's 10 letters sent off to the North Pole this year that warmed our hearts and tickled our funny bones:

"Mommy's being mad. Please don't give her a present."

Instagram user @ambergattas

What? A girl has needs

Instagram user @smurph614

"Even though I'm Jewish, I still believe in you!"

Instagram user @arielxreiter

Gotta appreciate the honesty

Instagram user @catmuro

"You should recognize my name from the top of the nice list."

Instagram user @sarapattercakes

"No clothes." This kid knows what's up.

instagram user @hcw310

We had no idea Santa is a doctor

instagram user @ilovebrayz

Seems like he has something to prove maybe?

"Does my dog bark when you come?"

"Our Gingerbread Made Us Vomit." Okay, then.