Having family over for a Thanksgiving feast? Here is a list of the essential things you need. Think of it as a checklist.

When it comes to Thanksgiving obviously you need a turkey but besides the bird, there are quite a bit more things. Hopefully, you have a fairly large dining room table.

  • Turkey
  • Gravy
  • Potatoes (Preferably Mashed)
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Stuffing
  • Something Orange (Even if its a decoration)
  • Green Veggies
  • Pies (Lots of pies)

Here is a ninth for an added bonus,

  • No elbows on the table, grandma will get mad.

Luckily my family checks off everything on this list. I personally hate cranberry sauce. I just don't see how it fits into a Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you love this holiday due to the glutinous nature of it or you hate it because you are forced to have a conversation with family you aren't fond of. Just be thankful for the day.

If you need help on some recipes hit up the link down below.