Trailers are huge events these days. Just last weekend, The Fate of the Furious took over Times Square in New York City to play the highly anticipated trailer on 33 huge billboards at once. It seems like every new blockbuster has released a trailer in the last couple of weeks. But what if they stopped doing that? What if Star Wars, for example, refused to show any footage of the Episode VIII until you’re sitting there in the theater? Adam Driver wouldn’t complain.

Driver spoke with CinemaBlend about the new Scorsese joint Silence and talked about what would happen if there were no trailers for the next Star Wars episode at all.

I think that'd be bold. I'd love it, yeah! Then no one would know anything. The less people know, I feel like, the more exciting... the more of an event it is.

So far, we know next to nothing about Episode VIII other than the fact that most of the main characters from The Force Awakens will be in it. It doesn’t even have an official subtitle yet. We want to know more, but do we really need to? What if, hypothetically, Lucasfilm actually doesn’t release any information before the movie premieres? Star Wars is certainly a big enough franchise that they could do that without worrying about a huge loss in ticket sales — I’m sure fans would flock to the multiplex for the next movie no matter what. And wouldn’t it be kind of intriguing? Trailers can actually ruin big moments in movies way too much. I would have laughed my pants off at the sloth scene in Zootopia if I hadn’t already seen it in a hundred trailers before I watched the movie. Instead, I gave it a chuckle, and waited for the scene to move on to something else. Trailers don’t need to show us everything to get us to go to the theater, and especially not for a Star Wars movie.

We probably will get an Episode VIII trailer — heck, we’ll probably get a whole months-long ad campaign — because trailers are a great way for studios to measure interest in their films, but we’re holding out hope that what we see won’t give too much away. Trailers are fun, but surprises are much better.

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters December 15, 2017.