We're big fans of the police here and fully support them, but we couldn't help passing along the below photo that went viral locally. To be clear - the police work hard, they are heros, and we have a ton of respect for them. Multiple news sources say they are "on the job" looking into what the story is - whatever that means. (we know what it means: slow news day)

Now, to be fair - the officer that is sleeping very well could be on a long shift taking a nap on a much deserved break. We know that our local police departments work hard to keep us safe, sometimes long shifts at that. We aren't necessarily accusing the police officer of any wrong doing here. But - we don't know either way if they are on the break, or on the clock. Obviously, if they are on the clock, that raises the simple question of - why? We can't say we've never been guilty of napping in the car on our lunch either. Don't go so hard on them! We know that we would never want to do their job!

Either way, why wouldn't the officer try to take his siesta out of the way of the public eye, so as to prevent pictures like this from being taken?


What do you think?