If you feel like your going through a little bit of a slump at least you're not alone.

Has it been a while since you've gotten any action? You don't have to answer that question out loud. It is a bit on the personal side. What's "a while" anyway? I guess it can vary from person to person. Two days could be a long time for some people. Two months might be a good amount of time for someone else.

According to statistics posted on Digital Hub, 1-4 Americans are experiencing a dry spell in the bedroom or bathroom or anywhere you feel like getting it on. Just over 28% of us are experiencing a drought.

The average length of time for a sexual dry spell is 11 months. That's almost a year without sex. These numbers come from many different factors. These people may not be focused on their love life right now. Long distance relationships and a busy work schedule also contribute. Some people simply abstain.

What's the longest dry spell you have ever gone through? Can you beat 11 months?