Breakfast Club star and '80s movie icon Anthony Michael Hall is facing up to seven years behind bars after allegedly attacking a neighbor in his Playa Del Rey condo complex.

Hall allegedly broke his neighbor's wrist and left the victim with back injuries during a fight that erupted two months ago, according to TMZIn a video posted to the site, you can see Hall push the man to the ground.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has charged the actor with felony battery with serious bodily injury — the bodily injury addendum means Hall would have ordinarily faced four years behind bars, but now faces seven. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Just five years ago, Hall was involved in a confrontation with his neighbor in the same complex, according to PeopleHe faced misdemeanor charges in 2011 for disturbing the peace — more specifically, a neighbor claimed Hall was ripping up plants in the complex's common area, and when the neighbor told Hall to stop, Hall swore at him and challenged him to a fight.

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