It's been about three years since we've gotten to indulge in new music from Twenty One Pilots.  "Blurryface" dropped in 2013, with a string of hit songs, a massive tour, AND an awesome live performance at the Times Union Center here in Albany.  Now, fans think they've discovered when the band is going to drop their next new album, and apparently the rumors are that it is going to happen soon.  I've seen May 1st and a rumored date, and have been following articles from Popbuzz and Alt Press about the links that fans have made from 'clues' as to when the new album will drop.

First of all, I can barely keep up with these clues and links, so KUDOS to all of the Twenty One Pilots fans out there with this.  According to Alt Press, fans have linked photos, numbers, codes, and "clues" posted by the band and on their web-store, leading up to the conclusion of a new album coming soon.  All I can say is, I can't wait for this band to release some new music.  All of these clues are way over my head, but I've got no problem waiting in anticipation!