It was only a matter of time before there would be a scam that targeted Pinterest and its users.  And now it's here.  Apparently, if you use Pinterest you are vulnerable.  Obviously, the best way to lessen the chances of you being hacked personally is to change your password routinely and always be careful.  Sometimes that's hard to do.


Here's how the scam works:


- You will receive an email from "Pinterest" saying a friend has shared a pin; looks very legitimate so it temps you to click away

- The image your friend pinned is atypical for your friend and looks different

- Scam pins are typically celebrity and beauty photos, giveaway offers, before and after diet pics and infographics (pictures with an enticing caption urging you to click)

- If clicked on, the image will take you to a site selling counterfeit products, a site promoting work-from-home opportunities, or is a site with a fake news story.

- Scammers use any information to gain access to your account through security holes

Always being cautious and a bit skeptical are your best options.  First off, don't log in anywhere unless you've gone directly to Pinterest or any other site directly.  Or be sure to be logging on through their mobile app.  Here's more from Pinterest: