Last week I threw out my most inspirational teacher and this week I've decided to spread the word on one of yours. This week lets thank Christine Carioto.

The person that submitted her name was failing very badly a few years deep into failing with no diploma in sight. Thankfully for them, they had transferred schools. Christine Cariota of Questar's John E. Sackett Educational Center was able to help and left someone forever grateful.

Ms. Carioto had a strong faith in my ability to succeed-- something that I had lost years ago. This is a woman who, even on the days where I felt too much of a failure to complete anything, would challenge and encourage me to push through my obstacles.

That is a teacher that anyone who is struggling would be very lucky to have. Carioto did more than just help someone turn failing grades into a diploma. She left a life long impression on a student. That is a memory that will never die. It is such a huge thing in life outside of school.

I feel like I never said "thank you" enough to the woman who did everything in her power to make each day a valuable learning experience. When I look at my diploma, I immediately think of her and all of the teachers there who made my graduation possible.

To everyone who will sit there and say a diploma is just a piece of paper. From that last statement made, obviously it is not.

To Ms. Carioto: Thank you for being there and thank you for showing me that there is always strength where there is courage.


If you have had or know Ms. Christine Carioto please let her know she has a very, very thankful former student. Have a teacher who has inspired you inside or outside of school to succeed? Tell us about them below.