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Free Donuts Every Friday At Dunkin
It seems like every fast food or bakery is in some type of secret competition or they just really love their customers and love hooking them up.
Well if you have not heard the news, Dunkin Donuts is giving out a free donut to their customers every Friday in March...
Daylight Savings is Near
It’s almost that time again to set our clocks 1 hour ahead of time again. That’s right daylight savings is happening next Saturday going into Sunday which means, driving home at 5pm won’t feel like 10pm and waking up to the sun is always a great start …
Another School Closing For Cleaning Due To Flu
It seems like every body is getting sick this year. I previously wrote about a school in the capital region  that had to close its doors  a few weeks ago. The school had to due a serious deep cleaning of the building, because so many staff and students were getting sick...
Popular 'Late-Night' Restaurant Moving To Lark Street
Without any fanfare and barely any notice, a popular late-night calzone restaurant has closed down it's only Albany location and re-opening up on Lark Street.  The process is happening quite quickly and it appears as though they're on track to open up on Lark this Friday.

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