Steal a Base, Steal a Taco Starts Tonight
The 2020 World Series starts this week and you have a chance to score a free taco if a player from either team steals a base. This promotion is back but this year it's easier than ever to claim your free taco. Here are the details.
Rock Climbing Gym Opening Up in Halfmoon
Gyms have started to reopen here in the Capital Region, but this week, you can add some rock climbing in there as well.
The Edge in Halfmoon is re-opening as of today, and offering day passes.  There are restrictions, just like anywhere to accommodate for COVID-19 requirements...
Gym Rules and Bowling Alley Re-openings Happening This Week
This week, New Yorkers will get to see bowling alleys re-open and guidelines released about the possible re-opening of fitness centers.
Little by little, New York is (kind of) starting to go back to normal.  Sure, travel is restricted, there's no big concerns, businesses remain closed...
Man Builds Saratoga Race Course Picnic Area in Backyard
The Saratoga Race Course opens up on Thursday and while the horses are making their way up to the track as we speak, fans this year will not.   But the pandemic is not getting the best of a local man who took the time to meticulously recreate the Saratoga picnic area that he and his buddies sit at e…

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