CDTA returned to front door boarding and fare collection on Wednesday August 19. Back in April, CDTA temporarily stopped collecting fares and began a "rear door only" boarding policy as part of CDTA’s pandemic plan.

According to CDTA also took an important step regarding the safety and security of bus operators and customers by installing protective barriers in the operator compartment on all buses. The barriers are designed to protect operators and improve the safety and security of the entire system. Cleaning protocols for the entire bus fleet have also been increased and formalized which include daily cleaning and disinfecting.

For those who may not know, I am also a driver for Cdta. I remember when the Covid-19 pandemic 1st began it was extremely stressful and nerve racking for us drivers. Cdta is an essential service. While the country, including New York state and the capital region stopped, we were out there to keep the city moving. Whether it was transporting people to the grocery stores, work or other essential travel, Cdta was there for the people on the front lines. Many essential employees ride the bus.

When the "rear door only" boardings began, it helped ease the anxiety a great deal. and now as the cap city gets moving again and ridership increases, the barriers will help in protecting the drivers so that we can continue to do our jobs with a feeling of safety and security.

As a driver, Now That we are back to front door boarding I forget how much I don't miss it. Of course we'll have those who still don't know that the fare collection has resumed, or act like they know. We as drivers will still let them ride. It will take a few weeks to get everyone back into the routine of paying again, after all it has been free for the past 5 months. I don't miss people getting on and not having the fare ready. The people pulling out there wrinkly dirty dollar bills and holding up the line and the bus. I don't miss some people getting on stinking of foul odors smelling up the bus. I wish we could go back to rear door boarding again.