When I think of Colonie Center, I think of sears. I suppose I will need to allow another store to come to mind now. All the details you need are here.

I personally wondered how Sears was still afloat only due to all of the local K-Marts closing up as well. When it comes down to it, the internet really is killing a lot of businesses and not just the little mom and pop ones but also the giant corporations. My own personal opinion, I think department stores sadly may be a thing of yesteryear.

"We can confirm that we are making the difficult, but necessary decision to close the Sears store at 1425 Central Avenue in Albany," Sears spokesman Howard Riefs/TIMES UNION

Back to the, you think of Sears when it comes to Colonie Center. They don't actually rent that portion of the mall. They own it. In fact Whole Foods pays them rent!! That could easily be a hiccup when it comes to getting another tenant in that space. So far this year the Albany location is one of 245 announced store closings nationwide. As of last year in one quarter the company lost $607 million dollars, no wonder stores are closing.


The official word from Times union is that the department store will cease operations to the public in mid September. Also be on the lookout as liquidation sales will start on June 30th.