Back in the day, dELiA's was the big place to order the most fashionable teenage clothing from, especially because it was such a novelty.  There were no stores locally here in the Capital Region.  Then, a few years ago, the big news hit that we were getting a dELiA's at Crossgates Mall and part of my inner childhood resurfaced and I got excited for a hot minute, forgetting that I was probably a big too old to be shopping there still.

Unfortunately, for all the upcoming teenage girls around the U.S., dELiA's announced Friday that they are liquidating their stores and merchandise.  The company is now filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

While their catalog was very popular in the 90's, the store only had $137 million in sales last year -- down nearly 47 percent from its peak of $258 million back in 2006.