This morning on the Mike & Casey show we found out that pumpkin pie is no longer the king of the throne when it comes to the top dessert choice on Thanksgiving.  Apple pie has taken over the crown and by quite a bit of popularity.  20% of people will eat apple pie this Thursday for "Turkey Day" while only 16% will have a slice of pumpkin pie.  Strawberry pie even proved to be more popular than pumpkin.

What in the world is strawberry pie?  Neither Mike nor I had ever heard of strawberry pie -- have you?  I'm all for something tart to cleanse my pallet only so I can eat more turkey afterwards, but I've never had strawberry pie.  Strawberry rhubarb -- yes.  Strawberry pie -- no. Mixed berry or "fruits of the forest" is pretty well known with my family/friends.

So, of course our question today: