If you're not following Blink 182's Mark Hoppus on Twitter, well, you should be.  Why did Blink 182 rule years ago, and why are they still awesome?  Comedy, sense of humor, sarcasm, and of course- awesome music.  Well, Mark Hoppus brings all that to Twitter so that you can simply log in and get a daily dose of humor.  Because really, what better way to start off the day than with a technological laugh as opposed to a tragic news story.  Here's my five reasons as to why Mark Hoppus (@markhoppus) rules the Twittersphere!

  • 1

    He Looks at the Important Stuff

     "just got out of "love, simon." as a parent, i'm VERY concerned that teenagers will watch it and follow the main character's lead, leaving the key-clicks on their phones turned on.
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    He Knows Good Music

  • 3

    He Knows How To Have Fun

  • 4

    He Empowers Everyone

    "Just a reminder that anyone can unfollow me at any time for any reason without any weirdness or butthurtedness. Make twitter yours.

  • 5

    Need a Life Hack? He's Got One