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My boyfriend always knows when I'm stressed out because I come home and just start cleaning -- and then he calls me a crazy person.  Granted he is probably one of the cleanest guys you could ever live with (has nothing to do with your honey), but untidiness will send me over the edge.  Especially, if I'm stressed out money, friends, deadlines or work.  And it doesn't matter what it is.  It could be dishes in the sink; laundry that was folded three days ago; or an over cluttered drawer that for the last few months has slowly consumed the ONLY pair of scissors in the house.


puuikibeach, Flickr.

I instantly felt better after hearing about a new report saying people find the greatest pleasure in a clean house and I completely agree!  (Thank god I'm not the only OCD person in the world.)  Nothing feels better than organizing or getting a project out of the way that has been weighing on your mind.  My sock drawer tends to get so out of hand, after a certain amount of time I can't find any matching socks.  Very fustrating!  Or how about when you go on vacation, it ALWAYS feels better when you come home to a clean house.  Especially since unpacking is a terrible process in and of itself, right? 

36% of people say their greatest pleasure is a clean house; 34% said going on vacation is number one; 18% said doing "the deed" was their biggest pleasure; and 11% a good night out was their biggest life pleasure.  The survey also found women on average that women clean 17 hours a week while men only cleaned an average of 11.

What would you say is your biggest way of relieving stress?