Derek Jones, guitarist of 'Falling in Reverse,' recently announced a battle of a lifetime.  His fiance is fighting cancer, and he's asking for help.

Posting to his official Instagram page, Jones started off saying "Hey all so this is what we're going through at the moment..." along side a smiling photo of him and his fiance, Christina, and their Go Fund Me page.  It's there on the Go Fund Me that Jones writes about how Christina survived cancer once, however it's now returned "with a vengeance" spreading to her left side lymph nodes and left pelvic bone.

So far, his band Falling in Reverse and singer Ronnie Radke have been doing amazing things on their part to help out by promoting fundraisers for Christina's cancer battle, including their own flash T-Shirt sale.  Even Radke's partner, Saraya-Jade Bevis [WWE's Paige] has hosted a fundraiser of her own with a flash make-up sale from her cosmetic company.

If you want to help out yourself, you can check out the benefit T-shirt here, or donate at the Go Fund Me page.  And if you can't do that, Jones is even asking for a share of the story and support.  Because really, what rocks more than helping each other out.

Credit: Tatiana