Duh dun.... duh dun... the best week of the year is here starting this Sunday - Shark Week! If you're like me and will find yourself glued to your couch watching each and every minute of it, I've got a few things to help you really get in the mood.

  • Before the shows start at night, you can head over to Coldstone Creamery. Besides being amazing to begin with, they've developed not one but TWO different Shark Week themed treats - The SHARK WEEK Frenzy ice cream and The Great Blue Cupcake. Both sound equally delicious. You can take a bite (hehe, see what I did there!) at a few locations in the area.
  • The Albany Public Library will have a different shark craft each day of the week for the kids. They can make a craft during the day and play with them by night as they're watching the sharks on TV!
  • Grab the full lineup of what to watch during the week. Looks like we're in for at least one of those Megaladoon-type lame "documentaries", but the rest looks pretty good.
  • If you've got plenty of PTO time to burn up, take part in our sister station's Shark Week drinking game - if you're above the age of 21, of course.

So if anyone needs me this week, you better be a shark because I'll be glued to my couch!