I always thought that I was safe.  I am sure I am like you; I guard all my personal information and never give anything out to anyone, not even a phone number.  But with all that protection, sometimes it is still not enough. Identity thieves are out there, just waiting to grab your information for their profit.


I am always reminded of the time that I was watching an “Oprah” show waaaaaaaayyyy back when where she had the audience fill out “paperwork.”  On that paperwork, it asked for addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and social security numbers.  Out of the audience of 100 people, only ONE person did not put her social security number down on the “paperwork.” Shocking isn’t it?


A lot of times we are unsure what information to give out and to whom. If you have questions, there is an identity theft program: 1 to 3 p.m. this Friday, at the SUNY Empire State College, Room 143,113 West Avenue,Saratoga Springs. It is free and open to public. 587-2100, ext. 2415.