I mean this one should be a no brainer right? ... Right?

So we got a little snow this morning in the Capital Region. As I was leaving for work this morning and clearing the snow of my car my neighbor came out to do the same. Only instead of brushing it off like the majority of the rest of us, with a snow brush. He rolls out of his house with a leaf blower to blow the snow off his car! This I found absolutely hysterical and borderline genius. Until in the end, the leaf blower didn't seem to be as efficient as my snow brush, at least with the small amount of snow that we got.

Anyway, as I got on the road after clearing off my car and was getting on the highway I was quickly reminded that not everyone is as diligent when it comes to removing snow from their cars as we were, much like the car in front of me.

So it got me thinking, isn't this illegal? It is so dangerous to have chunks of snow and even the constant spraying of snow flying at your car while on the highway. So I did a quick google search and found at that NO it is not actually illegal to drive with your car covered in snow in NY state. Seriously.

There is some proposed legislation to make it in to law but there hasn't been much movement on it since like 2014. This is absurd to me seeing as it is illegal to leave your license plate covered in snow and to let your car warm up in your driveway while you get ready to leave.

So until it does become illegal can we all agree to not be that guy that puts everyone's lives in danger while people are already driving sketchy because of the weather? Thanks.