Does size really matter that much? I guess so and ladies want proof.

If you're single, odds are you are using Tinder to find the next love of your life. That may be a little extreme but a lot of people look for companionship online nowadays.

Who doesn't tell a few little lies on their dating profile? One of the biggest things men lie about is their height. Why? Back in my Tinder days I member seeing "Don't bother messaging unless your 6' or taller" in almost every woman's profile. How shallow?

According to Mashable, Tinder just announced that they'll be adding a new feature that will verify the height listed on men's profiles.

According to Tinder, all men have to do is post a picture of themselves near a commercial building and Tinder will give them the green light.

It's speculation that it's an April Fool's joke as this announcement dropped on March 31.