I don’t have pics, but it happened. 

Jack White and his band rolled through Cooperstown for a phone-free show Sunday, May 27.

Before the show, I’m thinking “phone-free” is mostly a suggestion, right? Like keep your Snapchats to a minimum? Nope. The friendly folks at Yondr straight-up locked my phone in a little pouch that I carried around for the night.

Despite being separated from my group [and feeling like a kid who lost their mama for about a half-hour], I liked the sentiment of the phone-free show. The intent was for us all to share a completely human experience, which I think we did. As soon as I rescued my phone from that pouch though, I needed some proof of where I’d been. Here it is:

Jack brought the rain with him.

Waiting in line to enter the show (for what would be the most packed I'd ever see the Ommegang field), I ran through some recent Jack White set lists, hoping to see some White Stripes appearances on the down-low. I respect Jack White solo, but the 13-year-old in me needed to see White Stripes on that list for nostalgia's sake. The older I get, the more opportunities I seem to have to see artists I loved in my formative years perform live, which I'm so grateful for. Lucky for me, the thing was riddled with White Stripes -- that night I saw a slew of favorites which was magical -- from We're Going to Be Friends to Icky Thump and Hotel Yorba.

Hearing Jack White interject in between songs about an interesting man he met by the river in Detroit, and his inspiration for Hotel Yorba (which was a hotel in Detroit), it made me think: I wish I was as prideful of anything as Jack White is of his hometown. The admiration is mutual, too -- Detroit, MI actually announced it would name a venue after the rocker in 2013.

White didn't hold back from going all-in on Cooperstown, NY though. He and his band mates let the audience know that they got a baseball game in a couple of hours before the show. Jack White also dedicated the night's performance to the city.

As my sister and I struggled to get as close as we could to the stage (I hate being "that guy" but here's a great solution for passive aggressive concert-goers: just ride the coattails of someone else doing it!), it dawned on me that Jack White's lighting situation was extremely unique compared to every other show I'd seen [ever] -- blue lights illuminated the stage all night long -- the same color blue you can find hints of in all of his solo album covers. I appreciated the aesthetic.

Jack White's 9-songs-long encore was truly one of the best I've seen, and not just because he played 'Carolina Drama' by his former band the Raconteurs (a personal fave.) There was such an eclectic mixture of tunes like 'Shakin' All Over' (Johnny Kidd and The Pirates cover), Steady As She Goes (Raconteurs), and early White Stripes smash hit 'Seven Nation Army' which perfectly closed out the show and brought on the iconic Ommegang concert series fireworks.

Here's to a summer of amazing shows to come -- thanks for kicking it off in style, Jack White.