Steve Richards talks to novelist James Lee Burke about his latest book “ Robicheaux”

DAVE ROBICHEAUX IS A HAUNTED MAN. Between his nightmares about Vietnam, his battle with alcoholism, and the sudden loss of his beloved wife, Molly, his thoughts drift from one irreconcilable memory to the next. During a murder investigation, Robicheaux is shocked to discover that he may have committed the very homicide that he’s investigating—the death of the man who killed Molly. As he works to clear his name and make sense of the crime, Robicheaux encounters a cast of characters and a resurgence of dark social forces that threaten to destroy his world. With the help of friends whom longtime Robicheaux fans will be thrilled to welcome back to the page, Robicheaux pieces together the strange web connecting a powerful mob boss with secrets to protect, a rising politician with deep pockets, and the town’s local author whose talents have earned him both Hollywood accolades and a beautiful wife. What emerges is not only a propulsive and thrilling novel, but also a timely study of America’s lasting fight between its sense of past grandeur and legacy of shame, its easy seduction by demagogues and wealth, and its predilection for violence and revenge.


James Lee Burke is a New York Times bestselling author, a two-time Edgar Award winner, and the recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts in Fiction. A legend of the mystery genre, he has authored thirty-six novels and two short story collections. He lives in Missoula, Montana.