Marion Cotillard is well aware of the criticism surrounding her awkward death scene in The Dark Knight Rises, and while she seems to understand the response, Cotillard thinks the whole thing was a bit overblown.

While promoting her new movie Allied, Cotillard spoke about the perpetual backlash she’s received for that one scene since the movie’s initial release in 2012.

“We’re all in the same boat, and if sometimes it gets out of control, then everyone is involved,” she said during an interview with AlloCine. “Sometimes there are failures, and when you see this onscreen, you’re thinking: ‘Why? Why did they keep that take?’ But either you blame everyone or nobody."

Cotillard continued, saying she felt the criticism was mostly unwarranted in regards to how extreme it was.

"But I thought people overreacted, because it was tough to be identified just with this scene," the Inception actress said. "When I’m doing the best I can to find the authenticity in every character that I’m playing, it’s tough to be known just for this scene.”

But she also noted the response didn't weigh too heavily on her psyche.

"It's important to know how to laugh about this, and also, there are worse things in life," Cotillard said. "Even if there are things that can hurt you. But I wasn't really affected by this. I just though the reaction was disproportionate, and it helps to laugh about it."

Check out the clip above to see both the scene in question and Marion Cotillard's response.

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