Vance Joy’s new album, ‘Nation of Two,’ is the perfect antidote to the late winter storms we’ve been having in Albany over the last few weeks. He’s well known for his summery songs that lull you into a sense of calm, and ‘Nation of Two’ continues his signature feel.

Maybe it’s that I’m just getting sick of the winter weather, but ‘Call Me If You Need Me’ helped break me out of some winter blues. Sometimes you need a sad, wistful song to snap things into focus and this one did it for me.

Maybe the best part of all? You can see him live at The Palace on June 11, just in time for summer to kick off for real. Yo can listen to more Vance Joy on Alt 105.7, Albany’s New Alternative.

The video for ‘Call Me If You Need Me’ is just a month old. If you haven’t watched it, check it out: