Yesterday, October12th, was National Farmer's Day, in case you missed it like me.  Hopefully you did something wonderful outside with friends or the family by maybe going to pick apples or get your pumpkins in time for Halloween.  For those of us who have never heard of National Farmer's Day, it was first known as Old Farmers Day.  It's suppose to be a day to honor all the hard working farmers.  Their endless hard work has been a huge contribution to our economy and this is just a way to say "thanks!"

Christopher Furlong, Getty Images.



While we have a list of great places to get apples and pumpkins, there are also some other great places around the Capital Region that offer some great, everyday products and support our local farmers.

Here's a short list:



Battenkill Creamery -- Salem, New York

Local dairy farm that sells their milk, cheese, ice cream and other products to local grocers and supermarkets.  The farm will also deliver milk to your doorstep just like in the old days with glass bottles and a milk box on your porch.  Just to give you an idea as to where to buy, you can get it at some Shop Rite locations as well as Primal in Stuyvesant, Plaza.

Blackhorse Farms -- Coxackie, New York

They have multiple locations with one even located at the New Baltimore rest area on the New York State Thruway.  They carry lots of produce and locally grown products ranging from strawberries in June to end of the season with squashes and lots of pumpkins.

Schoharie Carrot Barn -- Central Bridge, New York

I recently had the pleasure of popping into this fabulous place that I had driven by so many times on I-88.  Not only does the Carrot Barn have tons of produce and products from a variety of local farmers, but they have a terrific bakery and cafe as well.  You stop in to get flower hanging baskets or other greenery plus grab a delicious sandwich made with local veggies and cheese.  Highly recommended!