Apparently research time is spent looking up the use of emojis, because a report was just released by News 10 abc about a study on each state's favorite emoji.

Of course, I had to look.  For those of you not familiar with what an emoji is, it's the little yellow faces or images that people use while texting instead of words.  Because sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?!  And New York's favorite is pretty funny and fitting (in my opinion) according to the News 10 abc map.  Our favorite emoji apparently is the "See-No-Evil" monkey.  It's the emoji character of the monkey with two hands over it's eyes.  I mean honestly, that's hilarious.

And how fitting for New York!  I mean, literally, the entire series finale of one of the most famous television shows, New York-set "Seinfeld," was about the group of friends witnessing something bad happening and doing nothing except watching, making jokes, and videotaping, causing them to go to trial for breaking a 'Good-Samaritan' law.  From living in the Capital Region to my days living in Greene County and New York City, how many times have myself and everyone I know walked by something weird and thought "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that."  Now- as a nurse, I always stop and help people.  BUT if it's something just straight up weird? I saw nothing.  So I think that this emoji totally fits New York State, and gave me a good laugh.  The only other one I think rivals that is the cursing-face emoji (basically me in Northway rush hour traffic every day).  I will say, at least our favorite wasn't something worse, like the weird pile of poo.