Stranger Things has plenty of mysteries left to unfurl in Season 2, perhaps foremost among them the return of Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. One casting call even had fans buzzing that Eleven’s predecessors (or successors) might join the fray, though a surprisingly direct source now refutes the claim.

It started in late September with a Backstage casting call that mentioned women willing to cut their hair, which many speculated was a reference to young Millie Bobby Brown buzzing her hair for the role of Eleven. It stood to reason that the series might introduce, or at least flash back to other similarly-sheared members of the program (perhaps One through Ten), but it seems the call may have been misinterpreted.

In fact, Refinery29 went straight to the source of Stranger Things’ lead hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul, who cleared up the casting report:

We all look at the rumors online — it’s fun to see what people are writing. The big one so far for season two was a Reddit post that said there was an ad for extras [willing to] shave their heads, but that got blown out of proportion. We actually needed women who would be willing to cut their hair and get bangs, while all the male extras actually needed to grow their hair out. Some male extras have been growing out their hair for the past nine months.

And hey, as long as we’re throwing out wild speculation, “Nancy has kind of a big hair turn this year, too — they decided to do something drastic… That’s all I can tell you.” Buzzcuts for everyone!

Elsewhere of Stranger Things Season 2, we know shooting will take place in Atlanta through April for a 2017 premiere. The story will pick up in the fall of 1984, while creators Matt and Ross Duffer have teased a James Cameron sequel influence in crafting the second chapter. We’ll also learn more about the Demogorgon and Upside Down, as teased in our exclusive concept art piece, while Sadie Sink and Power Rangers star Dacre Montgomery have been added to the cast in regular roles, along with Brett Gelman, original Goonies star Sean Astin, Aliens baddie Paul Reiser, and actress Linnea Berthelsen.

More Stranger Things details are surely coming, including a list of directors, but will Season 2 fill in more of Eleven’s backstory all the same?