Just days after a receptionist took a call from the "Queen" about Kate Middleton's pregnancy, she turns up dead not far from the hospital.

According to Extra, the unnamed receptionist that was pranked by two radio DJ's was found unconscious this morning near Kind Edward VII Hospital just before 9:30 AM London time this morning. The same hospital which she worked at, and Kate Middleton had checked into for her severe morning sickness.

The woman had taken a call from two Australian radio hosts,Mel Greig and Michael Christian from 2Day FM, who implied they were Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. The receptionist had told the pair that the Dutchess “had an uneventful night” and was about to get “freshened up" - which while not specific medical information, was more then should have been released.

Scotland Yard officers will be investigating the death, but as of now it's being listed as an unexplained death. One source, however, is claiming it may have been a suicide.