Imagine being locked up in jail, it’s close to your release date, and you are terrified of contracting COVID-19.  That is the case for a lot of people who are currently incarcerated in the New York prison system.

According to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently authorized the release of approximately 800 people who are incarcerated for violating their probation.  He also authorized the release of 2200 felons who are convicted of non-violent offenses.

Prison reform groups have been pleading with Governor Cuomo to release vulnerable inmates from prison.

Governor Cuomo has been working with members of the Department of Corrections to evaluate the possible transfer of vulnerable inmates from facilities that have large outbreaks of COVID-19.

Some inmates who were convicted for nonviolent crimes, that were not classified as sexual assaults, have been authorized for release.  So far 2254 inmates who were within 90 days of their scheduled release have been authorized for an early release.

There were 12 women, who are pregnant or who recently gave birth to a child, released.

Cases of COVID-19 are in the prison system, and some facilities have extremely high cases of the virus.  If people are in jail for nonviolent crimes, and near their scheduled release date, it would be tragic to have them contract the virus while in jail.

Free the guys, It’s good to know that Governor Cuomo is looking into the situation and trying to do what is right.  People who were not sentenced to the death penalty, or sentenced to a long term/life sentence in jail, should not risk dying in jail of COVID-19.

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