I feel like more and more each day we hear people talking of the possibility of a 'zombie apocalypse' or similar world ending type event happening. But - what would happen if it happened in Albany? One man has a good idea, he thinks, and he's sharing it with us.

Some people have those apocalypse/end of the world plans already put together - including the military if you believe the rumors. Some don't believe it will ever happen, and some others have had visions of what our world would look like beyond the end of the world.

One local photographer, John Bulmer, took the time to head to places like the Palace Theater in Albany and the Collar City Bridge in Troy among many others to snap regular photographs. He took those photographs and turned them what he thinks the Capital Region would turn into if we all just ceased to exist - or at least live in these parts. You can see his pictures here.

Do you think he did a good job?