We may never see exactly what led to the altercation on Broadway in Saratoga Springs last week, but we may be getting a little insight what could have sparked the yelling match.

First and foremost, nothing makes it okay for the Jos. A Bank employee in this video to spit on a park bench pedestrian. Like any situation there is another side to the story that may provide some insight what may have spurred him to do so.

According to a Times Union story, a pedestrian recently experienced aggressive behavior from the older man who was spit on. Scotia resident Guen Palmatier told the Times Union while walking by the older man she nearly tripped over his cane. When she told him he should move it so others would not trip, Palmatier said he reacted by yelling at her "I'll shove that thing up your (expletive)." It should be noted Palmatier told the Times Union she is legally blind, but had no problem recognizing the older gentleman who was spit on in the video.

As I said, nothing makes it okay to spit on someone or to hurl threats like both men in the altercation did. This is just speculation, but maybe now we are getting some insight into what could have sparked the confrontation in the first place. In this case, if other pedestrians have had negative encounters it could be possible there was some not-so-pleasantries exchanged before the video started rolling. At the end of the day, thankfully this did not escalate further - and again, thank goodness for the bike rider who came it to help diffuse the situation!