If you've never been to the track then you won't appreciate this news.  However, if you are one of the many that loves to go to Saratoga Race Course in the summer, especially when they are giving away the "free gifts" you'll be curious to know when and what will be given away this summer.

Earlier this week the giveaway were announced & they are as follows.  Keep in mind, they only come with paid admission into the track:

Free Baseball Cap -- July 20th

Free Pilsner Glass -- July 27th

Free Canvas Tote Bag -- August 10th

Free Black T-shirt -- August 31st

Remember when they did those bobbleheads?  Those were probably some of my favorite memorabilia from Saratoga, especially when they did some local celebrities as bobbleheads.  I think I still have my Steve Caporizzo bobblehead.