Your senior yearbook. Something you'll hold on to for years and years, looking back and reflecting on the good ol' days and trying to remember who went to prom with you. One local student wants to be remembered for one thing in particular - his cat - and he's on a mission to be able to do so.

Schenectady High school senior Draven Rodriguez loves his cat Mr. Bigglesworth- which isn't all that uncommon. He loves his cat so much, that he wants to be able to feature his cat in his senior yearbook, complete with lasers in the background.

The picture started with just him ans his cat, and after his friend Vincent Giordano edited it a bit, it turned into this masterpiece.

On his petition, he has said

Hi all. This is my photo that should be going into the yearbook, but we know how finicky the school systems can be. I'm hoping that with enough signatures, my school simply can't turn this down.

Rodriquez noted that thus far, the school didn't deny letting him use the photo, but had taken preemptive action to be able to use it by creating an online petition. The story has made national news. It's been picked up by Today, Time, Newsday, Perez Hilton and many more. After such publicity, the school has agreed to let him use the photo - not necessarily in the senior section, but " compromise we're all happy with", Draven says.

Oh, the power of the internet.