Someone posted an article on Facebook this morning and I just thought I would share one of the best articles I've read on this topic, as well as my opinion on "selfie pics."While I love my iPhone and its capabilities, the function of being able to take a self portrait of yourself should never have been created. No one cares that much to see endless pictures of you from the neck up. Seriously!

While it might be okay to do a picture of yourself once in a while -- maybe to show off a cute new hair cut, outfit, glasses/sunglasses or look -- it is not okay to take a selfie of yourself EVERY time you are at the gym!  All this does is remind the rest of us how much we stink at working out consistently.

On another note, it is not okay to take a selfie of yourself every time you are riding in the car. People, I am in and out of my car at least four times at day. NO ONE CARES!  And furthermore, there are enough bad drivers on the road (I can say that because I experience it every day) and it scares me to think a "selfie" is the No.1 priority of you sitting behind the wheel. #baddrivers

The last selfie I'd like to highlight is the duck-face selfie. You know, the one where you push your lips as far out as possible to try and make yourself look more attractive. While I'm a big supporter of candid photos and goofy faces, this particular pose is getting a tad old. It can't even be considered candid when you are purposely making this face and snapping the photo yourself. No spontaneity whatsoever.  If someone else was taking the photo, it would be one thing. Otherwise, let's try to be more original.

Check out the list of the top16 worst selfie pictures you could possibly post. Maybe you're guilty of one or two of them and now you know how much you've been driving the rest of us nuts!