SUNY Cobleskill is currently working to help U.S. soldiers that are deployed overseas.  One thing we don't realize while our troops are out of the country is there are resource issues.  According to Col. Russ LaChance, a professor at West Point Military Academy, soldiers are facing a waste problem as well fuel and energy shortages.  However, engineers at SUNY are working to help these soldiers with these extreme conditions.

Engineers at SUNY have improved a diesel engine that takes certain types of garbage, organic or plastic and turns it into electrical energy.  The machine is basically a diesel engine and represents an older version of the gasification technology.

This machine can produce enough power to an army unit working in the battlefield.  If all the tests at SUNY go as well as expected, in a couple of years these energy producing machines could be on the front lines.  More energy would not only help the soldiers, but also save American lives.

Learn more about what SUNY Cobleskill is doing with this project here.  So cool!