12 Nostalgic Albany TV Commercials You Need To Watch Again
I'm a sucker for Capital Region nostalgia and every now and again I go down these rabbit hole searches to find anything uniquely exclusive and retro when it comes to the 518.  Recently I started searching on YouTube for old, vintage and classic television commercials that aired for Capital Region re…
Find Out What 90s Rap Star You Are
This is great!  Not only can you find out what rapper you "are," but this quiz truly nails it to the tee as far as what your personality is.  At least -- I think so!  I mean, once you read the first part of my description, you know this personality detector is comple…
Hideous Shoes a 90s Child Will Remember
We all know the saying, "what was once in style will always make a comeback."  However, there are certain styles and fads that should never have been visited to begin with including shoe trends.
Songs We Grew Up Loving But Shouldn’t Have Tried Singing
If you were to give a listen to my iPod, you'd find a rough range of songs with no rhyme or reason to their order.  I still love having songs from the 80s and 90s that bring me back to different times in my life -- middle school, high school, college.  However, I've always had th…

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