Apple Announces iPhone 6 (Plus)
So the big announcement has come -- the moment many people have been waiting for has come. Apple has announced that the official release date for the iPhone 6 is Sept. 19.
Apple Recalls iPhone 5
If you recently purchased an iPhone 5, like me, you don't have any reason to worry.  However, if purchased one between September 2012 and January 2013, and you've noticed your phone losing power rather quickly, well your phone could be involved in a recent recall put out by Apple.
iPads Could Cause You A Rash
If you own an iPad and have recently discovered a small rash on your skin or even a larger one, you might need to go to the doctor.  Evidently, some of the iPads contain nickel, a common allergy amongst people that can go undetected.
An 11-year old boy was treated at the San Diego hospital for a…