'Doctor Who' Reveals 13th Doctor Timeline, 2018 Premiere
As tends to be the case with Doctor Who announcements, we have quite some time before the departure of star Peter Capaldi takes effect, and a full season in the meantime. Now, reports suggest how and when the search for a 13th Doctor will get underway with showrunner Chris Chibnall, and when to expe…
'Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi Updates on Season 11 Exit
Peter Capaldi has stuck with Doctor Who for upwards of two seasons, but with Steven Moffat announced to leave after Season 10 next year, the question remains if the Twelfth Doctor goes with him. As of the 2016 Christmas special, even Capaldi admits he hasn’t yet made a decision whether to rem…
'Sherlock' and Watson Look Dapper in New Season 4 Photo
Just because the world is pretty well accustomed to the handsomeness of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, doesn’t mean Sherlock fans mind seeing those dapper devil all made up. So it is in our latest Season 4 image, as the dynamic detective duo solve crime with steely blue gazes.

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