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Enormous Snake 'Rattles' Family in Warren County
Imagine going on vacation with your family and then settling in on your new confines only to discover a giant rattlesnake trapped under a tote. How quickly would your vacation be over?
This happened to a family while vacationing recently in Warren County. I don't know that it cut their vacation …
Albany Police Search for Missing Siblings
The Albany Police are asking anyone with information to reach out to them as they attempt to locate two siblings who went missing on Thursday morning.  Perhaps you or someone you know, may have a tidbit of info that can help them out.
Clifton Park Cancels Fireworks, Again
Canceled. Rescheduled. Canceled again. Is 2020 ever going to end?
On Tuesday, the Town of Clifton Park hit residents with the ol' double whammy by canceling fireworks that were rescheduled for Labor Day weekend. These were the fireworks originally canceled for the 4th of July.
Adorable Area Seniors Looking for Pen Pals
The mailbox at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing of Guilderland has "exploded" with letters arriving daily, much to the delight of the senior residents who live there.
Recently, activity directors featured photos of 11 residents and behind them on a dry-erase board was information about …
Body Found Under Cohoes Bridge
The City of Cohoes Fire and Police departments as well as the New York State police have confirmed they found a body under the 112th Street Bridge in Cohoes on Monday morning.
Upstate Bigfoot Sightings Alarmingly Down During Pandemic
It's pretty well documented on social media that people are spending more time in the woods during the pandemic. Heck, I've been out in the woods a bunch of times - most of that looking for golf balls that I've driven into the trees - but you get my point...
Meet The Spider-Man Seen Hanging All Over the 518
Spiderman, Spiderman
The 518 has a Spiderman
Look around, with your eyes
On a lamp-post or building side
Look out, for 518 Spiderman
I'll be honest, this dude running around the Capital Region dressed as Spidey had me confused for weeks.  I haven't seen him personally, only in pictures, but I didn't thin…
Saratoga Restaurant Sells Out Of 'Cuomo Chips'
You couldn't go anywhere over the weekend without hearing someone mention "Cuomo Chips", the inexpensive menu item added recently to Harvey's in Saratoga.  The cheap chips became a hit after the Governor announced last week that in order to for customers to drink at a bar or restaurant, it…

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