Starbucks To Close 400 Stores. What About The Capital Region?
Starbucks announced Wednesday that it would be closing roughly 400 of its 10,000 locations this year. However, by the end of the year, Starbucks plans to open 300 more locations than it started the year with. How does that make sense? Well, the coronavirus pandemic has forced Starbucks, as well as o…
Taco Bell Ready to go Drive-Thru Only
In the times that we live in with social distancing because of the coronavirus outbreak, Taco-Bell is going to be changing. They have decided to go drive-thru only if necessary.
GameStop Closing Hundreds Of Stores
It looks as if the latest store that will be affected by online shopping is GameStop. The retailer says that they will be closing nearly two hundred stores by the end of the year.
Toys 'R' Us Coming Back
It's been weird that Toys 'R' Us has gone out of business. There is a glimmer of hope, however, that they may be resurrected by the end of this year on a smaller scale.

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