One Major NY Group is Speaking Out Against Legal Marijuana
There’s been a lot of talk recently about legalizing recreational marijuana in New York.  However, one major group is speaking out about it.
The Times Union recently posted about the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police speaking out about legalizing marijuana,…
‘Super Troopers 2′ Is Official [VIDEO]
"Littering and....."  "Excuse me.....bear.....bear....."  Such exciting news!  One of my favorite movies of all time and now we get a second version.  Hopefully in the world of sequels, this one actually does as well if not better than the firs…
Snoozing Albany Cop
We're big fans of the police here and fully support them, but we couldn't help passing along the below photo that went viral locally. To be clear - the police work hard, they are heros, and we have a ton of respect for them.

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