Local College Now Offering Degree in Dog Training
Animal lover?  Well, you can now get a degree in dog training at an upstate college.
It's not all just hanging out with dogs and having fun though.  According to the Times Union, SUNY Cobleskill is now offering a bachelor's degree in dog training and handling...
A NY Man Went For A Slim Jim, Won $10 Million Instead
But seriously, this is now one huge reason why dogs are “man’s best friend”!
A man from Fort Edward, NY - less than an hour from the Capital Region- went into a store to buy a Slim Jim for his dog.  He left over six million dollars richer...
Local Dog Chases Duck into Dangerous Adventure
If you have a dog, or any pet really, you know they're family so when your pet gets lost it's devastating. That happened with Rosie but instead of just getting lost, she jumped into the Great Sacandaga.
National Puppy Day- Is There a Limit?
Today is one of my favorite National holidays, National Puppy Day. I have a 3 year old Papitese (half Maltese, Half Papillon) named Lucy, am I allowed to celebrate?
Watch Dog Make His Own Swing
Kids, don't try this at home. My brother has a pitbull boxer mix and while I love him to death, I call him DBD which stands for "dumb butt dog." He's done many dumb things in the time that my brother has had him (and while I had him while my brother was in Iraq as a fire …
Meet Bonnie!
Meet our Fursday pup of the day, Bonnie. She's a 5 year old girl who was turned in because the family she was with couldn't take car of her. She is incredibly sweet and met me in the lobby wiggling like a banana! She loves other people and other dogs and would be a great addition of a fami…

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