L.A. Anchors React as Earthquake Hits
Los Angeles and surrounding areas were woken up on St. Patrick's Day by an Earthquake that struck around 6:28am PST. The quake was captured on camera by one of their local news teams, and the reaction is kind of hilarious.
What To Do If An Earthquake Hits The Albany Area
Lots of people felt the 4.0 magnitude earthquake that centered around Hollis Center, Maine last night - mostly everyone BUT me. I did feel the one that shook the Albany Area last year, which got me thinking. In the unlikely event we were to feel a more significant earthquake in our area - what …
4.0 Magnitude Earthquake Felt in Upstate NY? [POLL]
So, I'm on Facebook mindin my business and out of no where- I start seeing posts of people claiming they felt an earthquake- Not knowing if the earth really did 'shake' or my 'friends' are simply feeling the rattle of a large truck passing by- I hit the net!