VIDEO: Rochester Firefighters Rescue Cat + Give It Oxygen Mask
These are the heroes in life! Check out this video of a cat getting an oxygen mask after getting rescued in a house fire in Rochester, New York!
This is the kind of stuff success story that you love to see on the internet. There were a string of fires in Rochester at the same location, same home two …
Manager Fired for Buying Breakfast for Firefighters
A manager at a McDonald's in Olean, New York was fired this month after she tried to show her appreciation for all that local firefighters do on a daily basis.  Specifically, Heather Levia was grateful to a particular group of firefighters after they put out a house fire in sub-zero temper…
Albany Firefighters Return
Just a year ago, here in the Albany area, we were dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Irene and fortunately for us, our neighbors to the south came up in droves to help us out. Naturally, after Hurricane Sandy ravaged those same people that helped us, we had to return the favor.