Holiday Gift Cards
Thanksgiving is next week -- I know!  And then the rest of the holidays for December will not be too far after that, leaving us with the question, "Is giving a gift card an insensitive or thoughtless gift?"
Saratoga Race Course Announces Summer Giveaways
If you've never been to the track then you won't appreciate this news.  However, if you are one of the many that loves to go to Saratoga Race Course in the summer, especially when they are giving away the "free gifts"
Casey’s Corner: Great Father’s Day Gifts
Hopefully you haven't procrastinated too badly when it comes to an idea for dad this Father's Day.  However, since I am typically the queen of procrastination, I decided to jump the gun (at least a few days in advance) and put together some great gifts for dads that most likely your d…

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