James Franco Frats It Up in ‘Goat’ Red Band Trailer
If you thought the green band trailer for Goat seemed a little too inoffensive considering the subject matter, then you were, obviously, correct. The red band trailer for the Sundance hit has arrived, and it’s filled with all the profanity and boozing and nudity and cautionary fraternizing yo…
Albany Animal Week-Crazy Animal Stories
It has been an odd week for animals to say the least. The story of the bear in the tree, the deer in the Mohawk River, the sad goat, and now a snake in the woods. I know a snake in the woods sounds normal, but not this one.
Separation Can Cause Depression in Animals [VIDEO]
We hear so much about all these hoarding stories in the Capital Region and other places where animals are taken from a bad situation and placed in foster homes.  However, while the animals may have been experiencing poor living conditions, what kept them going each day was each other.
Earlier in the week I posted the Taylor Swift with a goat video, and the goat thing has really caught on this week. Bon Jovi, Adele, Maroon 5 have all made a baaad singing choice as well. Now I give you the most obvious, Gotye!
T-Swift + A Goat
If you need a good laugh today, then this is the video to watch. I find it hard to believe that she could not find a better singing partner, but what's good for the goat, is good for the, well ya know.