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Local High School Students Disciplined
You may have heard this story this week in which more than 30 students at Troy High School were disciplined after they did a school prank.  School officials kicked off certain members of the varsity football team for the stunt right after the homecoming game and now students are very upset.
Canajoharie High School Gets ‘Happy’ [VIDEO]
It seems that Pharrell Williams' song, "Happy" could be one of the few songs that is able to hold onto its popularity as long as it has.  The song was instantly popular when it hit radio waves and iTunes months ago.
Kid Asks Miley Cyrus To Prom
It starts out innocent enough, and then he gets naked! Well, sort of. The infamous foam finger from the VMA's returns in this video of a high school kid asking Miley to the prom.
Talented High Schooler Nails Series Of Impressions
Jake Foushee is either 16 or 17 and already has a brighter future in broadcasting than I do.
Jake woke up one day with a cold and his voice was much deeper than it had even been before. After the cold, the voice stayed, so Jake started having fun with it, recording voicemails for his friend. Jake alr…
Texas Teen Comes Out in Graduation Speech
Rather than referencing 'My Little Pony' or 'Twilight,' one Texas student decided to use his chance to speak at his high school graduation to come out as gay. *Then* Mitch Anderson started making references -- to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Zachary Quinto's eyebrows, the chorus of a…

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